2023-call for volunteer

Dear EBPA Members and Industry Colleagues,

As we move into Q4 and the Open Enrollment Season, I want to update you on our association, EBPA of Southern California.

The past 30 months have been life-changing – to say the least! For most, the changes have come both personally and professionally. Online learning, flex work schedules, pandemic restrictions, personal health and changing business models are topics we’ve all wrestled with these past two years.

The impact of these changes has been felt within our association as well. Due to COVID restrictions, we have been handicapped and unable to hold all the events we typically enjoyed that traditionally generated our sustaining revenue. Thankfully, our financial reserves allowed us to weather the COVID storm.

With the prospects of regular in-person events in 2023, it is now time for our organization to reset and prepare for a busy and productive year. Since the beginning of our association over 50 years ago, our goal has been to provide:
· Industry Education
· Industry and Career Enhancement
· Networking opportunities

I feel that 2023 will be the first time in over two years that we can meet these goals.

So, this is your opportunity for leadership!

Over the last two years, our board has gone through many changes and several people will be rolling off due to retirement, job changes and relocations out of Southern California. I invite those of you who would like to either serve on our board of directors or volunteer on one of our committees to contact me directly or one of my fellow board members listed below. There is an opportunity for new ideas and camaraderie in serving our very busy industry.

We are excited about 2023, won’t you join us to support our changing industry?


Rick Sutherland
EBPA President, Board of Directors
(469) 853-1810